Vince King

aboutmeI have been wood carving since 2007 and am a member of the British Woodcarving Association. I have always loved wood as it is an amazing medium to work with. Wood is tactile, versatile and beautiful in so many ways. I enjoy the movement of wood and like to make pieces that look as though they move and have lots of character.

I started carving Celtic pieces and enjoy the challenge of never ending knots and patterns. I create my own knot designs that are featured within my mirror and plaque designs. In 2008 I became a stay at home Dad which gave me more time to concentrate on my carving. I joined the BWA and started to attend the Hertfordshire region’s monthly meetings where I was able to learn from others about types of wood, grains, tools and finishes. I also spent some time with Dick Onions and Stan Kimm, both known wood carvers.

I find that I am influenced by Celtic and mythical designs but am always thinking of new ideas and designs for my work. I am always keen to make things that people will cherish forever and enjoy as much as I enjoy creating.

My website is to show you the pieces that I have designed, created and made. I hand carve everything and really enjoy commission work where I am able to work with the customer to design a piece that is perfect for them and what they really want.

I like to attend festivals and fayres to show my work.  This gives people the opportunity to see what i have made and to think about what they would like.  I am happy to design pieces from scratch or work with the customer to create the perfect piece for them.  Come along to see and feel my work.  Details are on the Events page.  If you would like me to attend an event or demonstrate for you then please contact me to discuss further.

If you are interested in any of the work that you have seen or have an idea of something that you would like to have made please contact me for more information.

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