Welcome to Vince Woodcarving!


Please have a look through the Carvings gallery at some of the pieces that Vince has created. They are stunning and all individually designed.


Vince can create anything that you would like! If you have an idea of something for yourself or for someone else then please email Vince.

‘Very happy couple who LOVED your spoon! Thanks so much! Everyone was amazed at the detail and design of your work. Thanks so much…’

‘Just wanted to say how pleased I am with Dan’s plaque, it will be a perfect 18th birthday gift for him. Thank you.’

‘Your work is Amazing to say the least! Beautiful work!‘ ‘I can’t believe it, thank you so much. The spoon was fantastic and the perfect present.’

‘Thank you for your time and ideas.  You made me the perfect present and I love it!’

Email Vince with any ideas or questions that you may have.

Check out Vince’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more up to date information!  Like and share Vincewoodcarving!